Transformers Birthday Edible Topper MESSAGE
Transformers Birthday Edible Topper MESSAGE

Transformers Birthday ~ Edible Photo Frame Cake Topper ~ Edible Image ~ D58226 (1/4 SHEET CAKE -11"X 8.5" - YES ( SEND ME A MESSAGE )) - YES ( SEND ME A MESSAGE ) - C312FFCHM05

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  • PEEL AND PLACE! (Directions and Ingredients below) So simple to use and professional results! Premium frosting sheets! Not wafer paper or rice paper! These frosting sheets are the preferred form of edible paper for use on cakes, cupcakes and cookies. My Icing images are an actual layer of icing that bonds with the icing of the cake. These can be applied to all types of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, fondant, etc. Many of the professional cake decorators use these icing sheets
  • Frost cake Take image out of bag and freeze for about 30 seconds (not needed in winter months) Peel sheet before the image warms back up. Image should peel perfectly off the plastic backing and you shouldn't have to fight with it. If so freeze again and retry to peel at a different corner.
  • Place image on cake and carefully and gently smooth image from the inside out with either your DRY hand or a small roller. Finish decorating your cake. You can also pipe frosting over the icing sheets without causing any harm to the picture.
  • Depending on humidity in home it can take 1-5 hours to soften up on to the cake. Once soft it will cut like butter! Store finished cake covered or in a cake box. Cakes can also be refrigerated or frozen. Frozen cakes should be thawed in the refrigerator, uncovered to prevent them from sweating.

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