Bridal Shower Party Game Set
Bridal Shower Party Game Set
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Bridal Shower Party Game Set - Bingo - Engagement Diamond Ring Shaped Bingo Chips that Doubles as Wedding Table Confetti - Bingo Cards for 24 Guests - C0184CO75ED

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  • ENJOYMENT FOR ALL. EASY FUN AND EXCITING - Do you need to find something that will appeal to all ages without needing to shop all over? This is it! Bridal Shower Bingo is the perfect ice breaker for your guests. Entertain your guests while the bride is unwrapping her wedding gifts.
  • DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT BINGO CHIPS INCLUDED. No need to run around looking for chips, pencils or markers! Our pretty silver holographic diamond shaped chips are designed to look like an engagement or wedding ring. Use these sparkling flat embellishments as your bingo chips.
  • BRIDAL SHOWER BINGO CHIPS DOUBLES AS WEDDING TABLE CONFETTI. Get more bang for your buck! Add a shimmering glow to decorate your bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding reception tables. Our wedding confetti, with its silver holographic flat surface and faceted diamond design is perfect when adding to wedding gift bags and invitations too. Each bag of confetti weighs 2.5 oz. That is approximately 600-700 confetti pieces!
  • TWENTY-FOUR (24) BINGO GAME CARDS WITH CALL OUT SQUARES. Simply separate the call out phrases printed and place them in a bowl and you are good to go. The wedding shower guest that covers five squares in a row is the Bingo Winner!

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