Reusable Baby Shower Games Pacifier
Reusable Baby Shower Games Pacifier
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Reusable Baby Shower Games - Pin The Dummy on The Baby Game - 22" x 34" - 24 Pacifier Stickers - Baby Shower Party Favors for Gender Neutral Boy or Girl - CX18I4QHA4O

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  • How to play? One wear the eye mask, take a pacifier sticker and pin it on the poster, who is most close, who win! huge hit for Baby Shower Party or Birthday Party. Also can serve as home decorations, wall decorations, room decoration.
  • The ”Where’s My Dummy?” poster features a bright and bold design with cute baby (a cute gesture that requires a hug), rainbow, sun, bees, cars, bottles, animals with pacifiers, etc. to get the party started!
  • Package includes: 1 pc large poster ( 22''x34'') ,2 pc eye masks, 4 sheet of pacifier stickers ( 24 stickers in total for extra fun) & game instructions package cover
  • New generation:We have updated this pin the the Dummy game,it has 24 vinyl sticker pacifier ,great for big party and reusable.(players can write name on the pacifier stickers) :).

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