Lanterns Biodegradable JenJen Wish Chinese
Lanterns Biodegradable JenJen Wish Chinese
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Sky Lanterns Biodegradable - JenJen Wish Lanterns Chinese - Pack of 9 White Blue Red Sky Lanterns in Memory of - CX18CK5RIET

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  • Sky Lanterns come from Zhe Jiang, China, a historic Lantern town. On the night of the first moon after Chinese New Year, the ancients will launch sky lantern to deliver their new years wishes to the person who has passed away, honoring their memory.
  • Safe for Sure. Different from a normal lantern shade, this was made of fireproof paper which will never catch on fire. For a better flying experience, please fly in an open area. It is best to launch on a clear night.
  • Easy-flying in 4 steps. 1. One person lifts the paper lanterns, unfolding it. 2. Another one lights the fuel cell at the bottom. 3. Wait for 1-2 minutes till the lantern has fully filled with hot air. 4. Let it go into the air slowly.
  • Thanks for your support of a traditional product. Please notice that all JenJen wishing lanterns were hand-made; if you get an imperfect one, please contact seller to get a free exchange.

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