10 Pack Sparkler Shooting Eco Friendly Biodegradable
10 Pack Sparkler Shooting Eco Friendly Biodegradable
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10-Pack - Sparkler Chinese Lantern - Make a Wish on a Shooting Star Sky Lanterns - Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Magical for Birthday Party or Wedding - Big Wishing Balloons - by TNT Sales in Michigan - CO187A6QI46

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  • Have you ever flew a Sparkling Wish Lantern Children (and Adults) find these lanterns memorizing; These Sky Lanterns literally release a trail of sparks as they ascend; Shooting Star Lantern Sparkles are magical for birthdays; While warming up Sparkler Balloons discharge sparkles for several minutes (more sparkles if you shake the ring). Once warm they rise graciously into the sky;
  • These new Authentic Balloons use thick paper and a sturdy bamboo ring as well as the high powered sparkling fuel cell which guarantees that any novice launcher can fly their own lantern; This big premium paper lantern with this special sparkle fuel cell in this robust design ensures your launch is trouble-free and your party is unforgettable; Your event wedding anniversary or memorial will be enchanting.
  • Rather be watching an amazing sparkling lantern display; Cheap lantern paper rips easily and hold less warmth; Wax cube fuel simply cost less and lights slowly; A poor performance leaves launchers wishing they had not bought on price alone; Cheap doesn’t work for us; No worries about lanterns not flying or floating into trees or landing on the neighbor’s home; If the lantern is not a Shooting Star Original then it is not ours; buyer beware
  • The eco friendly Original Chinese Balloon was created in 2006 when the 1st fire-retardant sky lantern took flight; This special paper and our revolutionary fuel patch created an industry; Original Biodegradable Sky Lanterns have dominated the fireworks and event planners markets where safety of their products is their concern; The new Shooting Star Balloon was a natural evolution and is available here
  • The Shooting Star Sky lantern comes with a manufacture’s 100% satisfaction guarantee which is backed by US based suppliers

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