Celebration Balloons Engagement Proposal Bachelorette
Celebration Balloons Engagement Proposal Bachelorette
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30 Elegant"Celebration of Love" Balloons for Bridal Shower - Engagement Party - Proposal - and Bachelorette Party (Balloon Variety Pack) - Balloon Variety Pack - C018CCL9I54

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Balloon Variety Pack
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  • ✅ SAY IT WITH MEANING: Our 12" x 30" Round White, Silver, & Pearl Balloons add substance to your celebration as you go through the process of making a commitment to one another. From the Proposal and asking someone to share their life with you to the Bridal Shower and spreading the joy as you enter the next phase of your life, We Are Here. Let us celebrate with you!
  • ✅EVERY OCCASION: Ideal for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Proposals, Engagement Parties, and ALL THINGS BRIDAL! Our whimsical balloons add meaning and light-hearted ambiance to any occasion for Love.
  • ✅ THREE VERSATILE MESSAGES: Our balloons come in 3 meaningful options: (1) "OUR STORY BEGINS LIKE THIS. ~White~ Symbolic of New Beginnings. (2) "MEANT TO BE" ~Translucent Silver~ Symbolic of Fate. (3) "THE BEST IS YET TO COME" ~Translucent Pearl~ Symbolic of the Future.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE: Our balloons stay inflated through basic air inflation for weeks. When using helium, it is best to inflate the balloons on the day of the event. Inflation time is 8 hours on average. Balloon Time Helium Tank (about $25) is easy to use and found at any superstore. When using Hi-Float with helium, the balloons can stay inflated for a few days. If inflating just a few balloons at a time, you local party story can do the trick!
  • ✅ BIODEGRADEABLE:100% Biodegradable. Our balloons decompose in the same amount of time it takes an Oak Leaf. Remember to cut the strings off to avoid hurting any animals. Thank you.

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