PREMIUM QUALITY Rose Confetti Balloons
PREMIUM QUALITY Rose Confetti Balloons
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PREMIUM QUALITY Rose Gold Confetti Balloons - Mixed Set of 18 Large - 18 inch Clear Latex Balloon Decorations with Pink Foil for Weddings - Happy Birthdays - Bridal Shower - Engagement - Bachelorette Party - CD18DA5HQUS

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  • ✔️**PLEASE USE HIGH QUALITY HELIUM TO FILL YOUR CONFETTI BALLOONS** Cheaper, low grade helium is not strong enough and your confetti balloons will only float for a couple of hours. In our tests, using HIGH GRADE helium and inflating the balloons to the FULL 18 inches (though not beyond, because they will pop!) we had balloons that floated for between 16-18 hours. The balloons that we filled at discount stores only floated for 2-4 hours. You need pure helium to support the weight of the confetti.
  • ✔️OUR CONFETTI WILL STICK: Your balloons each come PREFILLED with 5 grams of rose gold foil confetti, ensuring that your balloons won't be too heavy to float! -- as long as you use PURE HELIUM to fill them and you inflate your balloons fully! In addition, foil confetti will stick to the sides of your balloons MUCH more easily than paper confetti does! We use foil confetti so that you will get the very BEST confetti effect! (Please see the description below for hints and info regarding Hi-Float.)
  • ✔️18 BALLOONS, all sized 18 INCHES: Our balloons are a GIANT 18 inches, making them far larger than the standard 10 or 12 inch balloon. And in addition to our premium rose gold confetti balloons, you will receive 6 SOLID rose gold balloons. They are the PERFECT accent to your confetti balloons!
  • ✔️GUARANTEE: We know you will LOVE these balloons, but if you ever desire an exchange or refund we will be happy to oblige, no questions asked! We make every effort to make sure you receive a perfect set of balloons, but our production line is human. Sometimes there are errors. If you have ANY sort of issue with your balloons, we PROMISE to replace them. Customer service is our number one priority! We are here to serve you! Contact us at any time. :-)

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