Mermaid Banner 1st Birthday Decoration
Mermaid Banner 1st Birthday Decoration
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Mermaid Banner for 1st Birthday - First Birthday Decoration for Mermaid Under The Sea-Baby Shower Or Party Photo Prop - Bohemian Style Boho Chic Party Ideas - Best Party Supplies (Let's Mermaid) - CR18KHONZ9E

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  • PERFECT BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS - When the child is sitting around the mermaid banner on the first birthday, enjoying the cake and cheering, with a happy smile on the face, you will feel that your child will need a beautiful and personalized celebration. How wonderful and meaningful is the birthday banner to decorate the children’s first birthday and how to spend a birthday in a perfect match and beautiful environment
  • PERFECT SIZE - mermaid overall size handmade burlap craft, including linen flag (6.5 * 8in) cloth strip (10in) mermaid (6 * 3.8in) hemp rope (80in) number 1 (5 * 2in) composition, the overall size standard Suitable for high chairs, the rich colored strips come from the collision of Bohemian and the underwater world, the golden party.
  • FOCUS ON THIS IMPORTANT MOMENT - If you celebrate the first birthday in your life, will you hope that everyone eyes are attracted by you in such an important party, will you hope that what everyone discuss all about you? Yes, at least I hope so while I don’t hope that adults only manage themselves take up the wine cup and chat merrily in my birthday party, so you need to attract others to talk about attractive topics, so a beautiful High chair banner banner can help you
  • GREATEST REUSABLE SOUVENIR - Do you think that it will be useless after the first birthday? I DONOT BELIEVE SO!!! It can be used for your second child or you can send it as a gift for your relatives and good friends children with . You can also hang in your children bedroom, If you are a photographer, you can use it as a prop to take photos, but anyhow, this will be an insignificant but meaningful hand flag that is unforgettable all the life on your children first birthday
  • WARRANTY AND SERVICE - 24-hour online customer service, 90-days money back policy. You can get a full refund unconditionally if you are not satisfied with it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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