Lovely Celebrations Woodland Predictions Decorations
Lovely Celebrations Woodland Predictions Decorations
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Lovely Celebrations: Woodland Themed Baby Shower Games Pack: Bingo - Matching Game - How Well do You Know Mommy? - Advice and Predictions - What's in Your Purse? 50 Each - 250 Pieces Total - Decorations - C518GO94SR9

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  • BINGO! (50 Count 8.5"x5.5") Wonder what Mom got? Everyone else wants to know too! Write in your guesses before the unwrapping begins! 5 in a row always wins!
  • CRITTER MATCHING GAME! (50 Count 8.5"x5.5") Love Woodland Critters? Ever wonder what a Baby Quail is called? Us too! Take 50 of your closest friends and play this awesome game. We even give you an Answer Sheet on the Cover Page! No Peaking!!
  • WHAT'S IN YOUR PURSE?! (50 Count 8.5"x5.5") Make sure Momma has her purse! And make sure you have yours! Carry some wild stuff?! That could put you in first with this game!
  • ADVICE AND BABY PREDICTION CARDS! (50 Count 8.5"x5.5") What's the baby's first word?! What's it's name?! You may have to wait a few months to calculate the points from this one ;)
  • WHO KNOWS MOMMY BEST?! (50 Count 8.5"x5.5") How well do you know Mommy? Was her first car a Station-wagon or a Benz? Or a Station-wagon Benz?! You may be surprised!

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