100 Gold Plastic Cups Premium
100 Gold Plastic Cups Premium
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100 Gold Rim 9 oz Plastic Cups (Premium - FDA Approved) - Fancy Elegant Clear Disposable Party Cups - Wedding - Bridal Shower - Baby Shower - Birthday Celebration - Juice - Wine - Spirit (100 pack) - CR18DLIY7Y8

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  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY, SAFE, FDA APPROVED, LIFETIME WARRANTY: Impressing your guests is our ultimate goal, especially without cutting corners. We make sure our clear plastic cups literally kiss that lasting impression on their lips and the crystal shine elegance on their eyes. Food safe is a terminology that is thrown around a lot these days. But, taking that extra mile to get our product certified by the highest food standard authority shows how much we care about your health and well being.
  • ✅ FOR EVERY OCCASION: You can never go wrong with gold. It goes well with almost every color you can imagine. So, that makes it the perfect color for every occasion. Whether it be a bridal shower, a wedding dinner, baby shower, your kids birthday, the pool party, you name it, our premium disposable gold party cups are your right choice.
  • ✅ FOR ALL TYPES OF DRINKS: The champaign for perfect toast, bottle of red wine for the serene candlelight dinner, the juice that little ones adore, or the spirit of the K-Pop filling the night sky. Whatever the drink may be, the elegant gold party cup in your hands makes it so much more special.
  • ✅ ALL YOU NEED, 100 CUPS: We got your back for those extra guests who turned up who you least expected. And if they don't, your pantry is one step closer to your next event. We know that your guests will leave with a smile on their face when you are happy that you did everything perfectly.
  • ✅ NO HEAPS OF CUPS TO WASH: Our solution to your disposable worries. We do not want you to worry about that pile of cups and tumblers to wash after that impressive party you hosted. But if you want to save them for the next one you can too. Our premium heavy duty plastic is just a rinse away with some warm water.

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